Christmas In July Vouchers

For all of our Veterans that signed up in July, the Christmas Turkey and Ham vouchers will be available for pickup beginning Tuesday, November 29th. If you would rather us mail it to you, please give us a call. (Please be advised that if it gets lost in the mail we may not be able to get it replaced…. I would strongly recommend that the voucher is picked up in person)

Important notes:

1. The vouchers are ONLY valid from Dec 1st - Dec 31st. Do not try to redeem prior to December 1st! 2. You must take the voucher to the meat department and speak to someone to redeem. Rodhes has worked very hard to order what we rerequested, and set aside these items so that they do not run out. Please DO NOT take a ham or turkey from their regular stock in the coolers. You must specifically ask for the turkey or ham from the Veterans order, or you will have to pay for it. 3. The vouchers are ONLY FOR THOSE THAT SIGNED UP IN JULY during the “Christmas in July“ promotion. We do not have extra or spare vouchers, nor can extras be obtained at Rodhes. Please be kind to our Rhodes friends. They did everything possible to make this happen in the midst of a nationwide shortage.

We love you all and thank you and your families for service to this beautiful country.

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