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The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles has many military/veteran license plates available to eligible veterans as well as special license offers. 


Drivers License The following benefits are available for license and license plate: 

  • 100% of service-connected disabled Veterans are eligible for a free driver’s license. 

  • Upon renewal of a driver’s license, all Ohio Veterans with a valid DD-214 can receive a free “Armed Forces” stamp on their license, which can qualify them for retail discounts. 

Military License Plates Ohio has over 40 varieties of military license plates including: 

- Active duty plates 

- Reservists plates 

- Ohio National Guard plates 

- Combat plates 

- Gold Star Family plates 

These special plates cost the same as a regular plate, and normal vehicle registration fees apply; however, there is no additional charge for these plates if a system-assigned number (not reserved or personalized) is selected. 


The following eligibility criteria must be met. 

  • Veterans must present their DD-214 at the BMV in order to obtain a special military/Veteran plate. 

  • The DD-214 must confirm the plate type requested (i.e. if you request a Purple Heart plate, your DD-214 must show you received a Purple Heart). 

License plates are available at no charge to: 

- 100% service-connected disabled Veterans. 

- Medal of Honor recipients. 

- Former Prisoners of War (POWs) 

- Purple Heart recipients 

Contact Information 

Phone: 800-589-8247 (8am – 5pm) 

Website Information: Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles OPlates

Driving Lesson


Veterans from Ohio are exempt from concealed carry license training & fees 

Legislation to provide financial relief to active duty military and veterans who apply for a concealed handgun license is now officially in effect in Ohio. Beginning on November 6, 2018, Senate Bill 81 waives the typically required $67 license fee that is otherwise necessary to obtain a concealed handgun license for applicants who honorably served in the United States military. 


The following forms are required in order to be eligible: 

  • A DD-214 Form 4, or equivalent, stating that you were honorably discharged, or your active-duty military ID card, The Sheriff’s application form, Your Ohio Driver’s License or Government ID, 2-inch by 2-inch passport-style photo if applying for the first time 

NOTE: If you have a medical Marijuana license you are not permitted to have a concealed handgun license. 

If you have been convicted of the following misdemeanor crimes, you may not be issued a concealed handgun license per Federal law: 

- Assault 

- Negligent Assault 

- Corrupting Another with Drugs 

- Disorderly Conduct 

- Domestic Violence 

- Endangering Children 

- Negligent Homicide 

- Riot 

- Sexual Imposition 

- Unlawful Restraint 

- Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor 

- A minor misdemeanor drug conviction 

Additionally, it is required that you contact your local Sheriff’s office or one from an adjoining county to make an appointment prior to arriving. The bill allows anyone who holds a concealed handgun license to renew their license at any time before the expiration date. The measure also makes changes so that an applicant who has been honorably discharged or retired is not required to take additional training if they can provide a firearms competency certification from their time in service. The total amount for fees that can be waived will be capped at $1.5 million dollars each calendar year. Waivers will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis 

* Under Federal law, a conviction for Disorderly Conduct disqualifies an individual from owning a firearm only if the victim of the offense is an “intimate partner” as defined by 18 USC § 921(a} (32}


Note: This Notice does not prevent you from completing an Application Form for the license and paying your non-refundable fee. The purpose of the Notice is to inform you of the applicable law. 

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